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Innovative Utility

Buna’s groundbreaking utility promises to revolutionize crypto, offering a unique opportunity for early adopters to benefit.

Burn Mechanism

Through our regular supply burns, being part of Buna ensures sustained value appreciation over time, maximizing potential returns.

Community Growth

Joining Buna means becoming part of a vibrant community, fostering connections and collaboration in the crypto space.

Future Potential

As Buna unlocks its full utility, early holders stand to gain significant advantages and rewards, making now the ideal time to get involved.

Instant In-App Payment for Blockchain-based Games

Experience seamless transactions with instant in-app payments for blockchain-based games, enhancing your gaming experience with swift and secure transactions.

Fueling Happiness, One Buna at a Time

Buna is not your average cat. We are on a mission to burn down the barriers of traditional finance and ignite a new era of decentralized power. With a fiery spirit and an insatiable appetite for disruption, Bunna is leading the charge towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

$Buna Tokenomics


$Buna Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Initial Development and Prototyping
  • Website Launch and Whitepaper Creation
  • Team Building and Partnerships
  • Presale and Community Building
  • Marketing Campaigns and Promotion
  • KYC, Audit & SAFU

Phase 2

  • Community Engagement
  • Strategic Partnerships with gaming studios, publishers, and esports organizations
  • Wallet Implementation and Exchange Integrations
  • International Market Exploration
  • Product Development and Launch

Phase 3

  • International Expansion and Platform Integration
  • DeFi Solutions Exploration
  • Continuous R&D and Compliance
  • Organize virtual conferences, hackathons, and developer workshops to attract talent, foster innovation, and showcase the capabilities of the Buna Games platform
  • Network Integrity and Governance

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